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Stones of Venice. Venice rentals Stones of Venice. Apartment Venezia Stones of Venice. Apartment Venezia Stones of Venice. Apartment Venezia

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Venice accomodation.
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Stones of Venice. Venice accomodation

Venice apartments and Venice residence.

Stones of Venice offers visitors a selection of apartments and boutique hotels in Venice where the elegance of the structures, set in scenes of particular beauty, is combined with the originality of our service.

A truly unique offer amongst the current range of Venice apartments that guarantees guests a truly wonderful stay, where the love of beauty and all that is good mixes with the best values, and poetry, of the past.

Quality Aspects,
to which we devote a great deal of attention

The Venice selection of Stones of Venice apartments consists of three quality ingredients that we have devoted a great deal of attention to.

• Our Locations. In the heart of the city, often in extraordinary contexts, such as the Clock Tower in St. Mark's Square. All full of charm, all throbbing with history.

• Our Houses. The result of a careful and passionate restoration of interior design, representing both an expression of comfort as well as an intense sensory experience.

• Our service. "Made of Bread, Love and Dreams." For Stones of Venice our hospitality begins at the moment of your booking, and continues long after your departure.

Stones of Venice. Venice accomodation

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Stones of Venice ebook. Appartamenti Venezia

"The Stones of Venice; For the use of travelers while staying in Venice and Verona" by John Ruskin, available as an ebook edition, and an epub version for kindle readers.

This English-language edition, created exclusively for guests of Stones of Venice, was created from the original printed version of 1879, and includes a selection of chapters from the complete works, edited by the same Ruskin, for the use of travelers staying in Venice and Verona.

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